Group Therapy Edinburgh

Group Therapy Sessions in Edinburgh

Group therapy sessions are now available in Edinburgh, 1-2 on Saturdays.

These are at the South Side Centre, 86 Causewayside, Edinburgh.

Therapy for Anxiety, Stress, Anger

The group will focus on triggers, causes, perceptions and behaviours relating to anxiety, stress and anger, although general distress and emotional discomfort from a number of difficulties could benefit. Ages 16 years and up are welcome. Younger people can access support from Denise via her “Timid to Tiger” groups for under 10’s or via the link up with the Joshua Nolan Foundation for therapy for young people and teenagers.

Mindfulness, CBT, CBASP and Coaching

A number of methods will be combined:
The first half of the session will be spent identifying problems faced by members over the last week or so, and analysing perceptions, behaviours, triggers and responses using CBT and CBASP methods.

These will then lead to planning new responses using coaching, CBT and related methods, as well as preventative planning using elements of WRAP and Mental Health First Aid methodology.

The second half of the session will be spent teaching a range of relaxation and stress reduction methods including mindfulness, meditation, self hypnosis and visualisation.

Facilitation of the group therapy

The group will be led normally by Denise, with Stuart assisting or covering as needed. Denise has a background in mental health support work, and uses CBT and CBA methods in her counselling and clinical hypnotherapy practice.  She also uses meditation and mindfulness in practice.

Both facilitators have provided meditation and mindfulness groups as well as mental health management activity groups for many years, including in Edinburgh.

Both facilitators are dedicated to ongoing group facilitation and mindfulness training. Both are registered on Professional Standards Authority Accredited Registered, are insured and are PVG Scheme listed for working with young people and vulnerable adults.

Please email to check that the workshop is running before attending. The workshop will run most Saturdays, but the occasional holiday or other event might interfere, so please email or call to check. or 0845 474 8665


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