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Styles of Psychoanalysis

Styles of Psychoanalysis used at Scotlandtherapy

Stuart is an experienced psychoanalyst and clinical hypnotherapy with additional post graduate training in a range of psychotherapies, counselling styles and psychology, including eastern psychology.

Stuart initially trained with ASM,  (externally NVQ accredited and assessed diploma course and CNHC accreditation route via SSM) from 1993-1996 in psychoanalysis, stress counselling and clinical hypnotherapy. Stuart was assessed on over 200 client cases (well over 1,000 client hours) and NVQ assessment was an integral part of the training process to ensure robust externally accredited standards. Stuart graduated in 1996 with a diploma in Analysis and Hypnotherapy, and an NVQ level 4 in Training and Development.

Stuart later completed additional accreditation with the NACHP (a formerly HIPC / UKCP verified route) in Counselling, Clinical Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy, including in humanistic, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural models, as well as clinical hypnotherapy.  The NACHP has a long tradition of respecting the work of it’s long time supporter Michael Yapko, a pioneer of combining clinical hypnosis and mindfulness.

Stuart specialises in basing therapy around research evidenced, and NICE recommended models of treatment for clinical conditions, while softening the overall package by adapting and combining these core methods with additional holistic therapy methods for a multi-modal, individualised experience. He works with individuals, couples, non traditional relationships and LGBTQI*. He also provides interfaith / multi-faith support on demand.

Influences in initial training in psychoanalysis

Stuart’s initial analysis training emphasised communication and pattern identification. Thus the language used by the client is crucial, and the information gleaned through conversation provides a map and rich description of the client’s experience. Influences in the analysis training included Freud, especially in terms of developmental stages and free association, Jung, especially in terms of archetypes, personality and symbolism, and Klein, in particular in terms of relationships and interpersonal dynamics.

Post graduate training in psychotherapy

Once in practice, Stuart maintained ongoing regular training and study. This led to a range of influences including Nietzsche, Laing, Foucault, Lacan and the fairly recent developments in social psychoanalytic research. Certified training included level 4 courses in Integrative counselling and Psychotherapy, level 3 courses in NLP and Life Coaching, a Bachelors degree (psychology based) and a MSc Psychology. Stuart also completed the NACHP assessment process in Counselling Hypnotherapy and psychoanalysis / psychotherapy.

Other study has involved indulging a long term interest in theology and eastern psychology, including Mindfulness, Naikan, Satori and Morita.  These have been studied through a series of personal development trainings as CPD. Recently Stuart has completed additional training in MBSR, MBCT, modern versions of mindfulness and Danish Hygge (pursuit of happiness). CPD has included the vital mindfulness components of gratitude, compassion, acceptance and active mindful analysis as well as mindful practice and meditation.

Ongoing study and research in psychoanalysis and psychology

Stuart maintains a range of CPD activities and memberships including Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health, Fellowship of the Scottish Society of Arts, Fellowship of the Institute of Health Promotion and Education..

Stuart also completes ongoing modules with the Open University, currently on the penultimate module of a third Bachelor Degree (Psychology and Philosophical Studies), and also completes industry seminars and workshops. He also reads extensively, both widely in the field, and in new methods and research, often completing clinical book reviews for journals.

Stuart is increasingly influenced by Lacan and Foucault on the philosophical side, and eastern psychology on the humanistic side.

Personal psychoanalysis and fitness to practice

Prior to commencing seeing clients Stuart had psychoanalysis and hypnotherapy to ensure personal self awareness.  He has ensured on an ongoing basis that he has received prompt support when life has conspired to throw a curved ball. He receives monthly clinical supervision, and organisational weekly peer supervision. Stuart, and his partner in Scotlandtherapy Denise are both registered on the Scottish PVG enhanced disclosure register for working with both vulnerable adults and young people.

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