Psychoanalysis with Horse Agility

Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy with Horse Equine Agility

Working with horses, or equine therapy, is used for a range of dis-associative issues. Horse Agility classes are available at Easterton Farm Stables near Perth, followed by therapy on site in an office provided. Horse agility is ground based, no riding is required. The horse is led through a series of tasks, much like dog agility. The human works with the horse to gently persuade and encourage, no force is used to make the horse do activities.

Equine therapy

Working with horses involves creating a partnership and bond between human and horse which requires the person to be completely “present”. Any distraction or emotions cause a reaction in the horse, which acts as a mirror. The process of becoming more present in working with the horse has an almost meditative effect, and is a form of mindfulness.  No special processes are particularly needed, so the client can join in with a normal horse agility class, therefore a more natural environment than a specialised mental health class, which can be artificial.

Psychotherapy with Equine therapy

After the class of agility work, counselling or psychoanalysis can be provided on site in a convenient office. This employs therapy when the client has become more mindful, calm and focused. Thus the equine work grounds the client, preparing them for therapy work.

What can be helped with Equine therapy and psychotherapy?

Post traumatic stress, including post battle stress with armed forces, eating disorder cases,  anxiety, social phobia and other forms of disassociation can all potentially respond well to this combination. It should be remembered that the equine agility class is a process that enables an optimum state of mind for the psychotherapy that follows. The psychotherapy which is available incorporates CBT based psychological therapy (recommended by NICE for a wide range of mental health conditions), psychoanalysis, counselling and clinical hypnotherapy.

Who provides the combination of Equine activity and Psychotherapy?

Easterton farm stables are a very experienced and established horse stables and equestrian centre. They run and facilitate the equine part of the combination.  Stables link

Scotlandtherapy: Stuart and Denise, are trained therapists and experienced support workers. They provide the therapy afterwards. Stuart is psychoanalytic, Denise is humanistic, both employ CBT where appropriate.

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