Contacting Stuart for Psychoanalysis

Contacting Stuart for Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy or Hypnotherapy

Stuart practices psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in Edinburgh. He also integrated stress counselling, general counselling, life coaching, NLP, CBT and mindfulness where needed, having completed post graduate training in these and psychology (including a MSc Psychology).

Free therapy information files

All new enquirers are sent free information on the service, qualifications, registrations, cost, location and industry standards. Once these have been read through, questions can be asked by email.

Free initial consultation by email

All potential new clients are encouraged to ask any questions about the service, and about whether it is right for them by email ahead of any paid session. Any information shared will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Arranging Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy or Hypnotherapy

In the first instance email

Contact via the contact us page HERE

More information can be found at my individual practice site HERE

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